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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Inspectah Deck - Instrumartyr (Promo) 2010

01. Inspectah Deck - Mi Amor
02. Inspectah Deck - Saucy
03. Inspectah Deck - Willy D

On the heels of dropping his fourth LP, Inspectah Deck is also readying the release
of his first instrumental album. Unknown to most, Deck has been making beats and hits
for over 15 years now, first learning how to piece tracks together from his group's
mastermind The RZA, and crew affiliates DJ Mathematics and True Master. Deck soon
started experimenting and his efforts showed enough promise to make him an official
member of the original almighty production team and collective known as Wu-elements,
alongside The RZA, 4th Disciple, True Master, and Mathematics. From then on we saw
him gradually placing his beats on just about every Wu-Tang release from his fellow
clansmen except the late Ol' Dirty Bastard, including songs for Ghostface's
"Supreme Clientele", Method Man's "Tical" and RZA's "Bobby Digital in Stereo",
along with his own solo albums and outsides projects such as the "Tales from the hood"
soundtrack and lately his new protege Fes Taylor.

The instrumental album will have about 20 tracks total and will be released sometime
later this year.

read the full wu-elements interview with inspectah deck conducted by wu-international here

Friday, 7 May 2010

60 Second Assassin - Remarkable Timing [Snippets]

01. 60 Second Assassin - Words form the Assassin (Snippet)
02. 60 Second Assassin - Sword Style (Snippet)
03. 60 Second Assassin - M.O.A.N (Snippet)
04. 60 Second Assassin - Clocks N' Kingz (Snippet)
05. 60 Second Assassin - Remarkable Timing (Snippet)
06. 60 Second Assassin - War Zone [Remix] (Snippet)
07. 60 Second Assassin - Cloud 9 (Snippet)
08. 60 Second Assassin - No Face (Snippet)
09. 60 Second Assassin - Paradise (Snippet)
10. 60 Second Assassin - Love Burns (Snippet)
11. 60 Second Assassin - The Throne (Snippet)
12. 60 Second Assassin - Dead Flowers Pt. 2 (Snippet)
13. 60 Second Assassin - Fizza Funky (Snippet)

After obtaining Gold Status with the Wu-Tang faction "Sunz of Man", 1st Cousin to
the late Ol' Dirty Bastard and the one known as "The Million Dollar Hook Man" for
his contributions to the Wu-Tang Clan classic "C.R.E.A.M", 60 Second Assassin is
ready to provide the world with what can only be slated as "Remarkable Timing".

The album combines the roots of Hip Hop, R & B, Soul, Funk, and Rock, as the
Triple O.G. 60 takes fans through a lyrical fantasy ride from the days of old
with Wu-Tang to the present. With feature contributions from Wu-Tang Clan members
RZA and Masta Killa, providing headway for Killah Priest, Prodigal Sunn, and
Hell Razah to all reunite under the Sunz of Man moniker, and featuring top-notch
production by Bronze Nazareth, "Remarkable Timing" is the long overdue debut album
from whom Method Man describes as the "King of Harmony" to touch the hearts of fans
all over the world while crossing a multitude of genres with ease.


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

RZA Confirms Liquid Swords 2

Legendary producer RZA has announced via his Twitter page (@RZAWU) that he will be producing Liquid Swords 2, sequel to GZA's classic album.

"IT'S TRUE: 'LIQUID SWORDS 2' PRODUCED BY THE ABBOT RZA COMING FALL 2010. WHO'S READY FOR THE WU? BONG BONG," wrote RZA, whose body of work producing for the Wu from 1993 to 1997 is considered among the best in Hip Hop history. Among the albums produced in that time period was GZA's Liquid Swords, which is heralded to this day as one of Rap's finest albums.

The announcement comes after the recent critical and commercial successes of other Wu-Tang sequels: Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...II and Method Man and Redman's Blackout! 2. The Wu brand has come back strong as of late, with well-received releases in Chamber Music and Wu-Massacre, as well as others.

There is currently no set release date for Liquid Swords 2.

Monday, 26 April 2010

LCOB- Triangle of Babylon [Bonus Tracks]

23. Sick Since, Presto, Grime & DJ Grumble - Lyrically Word Sick (OMNI3 Mix) [Bonus 1]
24. Son Of Saturn & Grime - R3volution Is Here (Omni3 Mix) [Bonus 2]


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

CLX-Grafixxx working for LCOB's Son Of Saturn, be on the lookout for The Madness & The Mahakaruni 2010

Friday, 16 April 2010

B. Ham The Righteous Rook – The Parables (2010)

01. Drama (remix) (feat. Rza & Rugged Monk Of The Wu-tang Klan & C Los)
02. Choose Ya Weapon
03. Willing 2 Bang (feat. The Side Blokk Bullies)
04. Blessed (feat. Kinetic 9)
05. The Difference
06. Snitch Snatchaz (feat. Dj Dmd, Qthab, Kelbrick & Ricky Diamonds)
07. Verse (feat. Moufpiece)
08. Pot Holes&speedbumps (feat. C Los Da 86er)
09. Sizzouf (feat. Big Moe, Tite Eyez & Herb Cita)